M.A. Curriculum in Women's Studies

Course Work

Program Leading to the Master of Arts in Women's Studies
(32 Credits Minimum)

Foundations in Women's Studies (12-14 credits):
Wss 510 Graduate Orientation in Women’s Studies (1-2)
Wss 565 Feminist Theory (4)
Wss 590 Research Seminar in Women’s Studies (4)
Wss 690 MA Final Project (3-4)

Coherent Field of Study (9-12 credits)
Three courses that form a coherent field of study and that are chosen in consultation with the Graduate Director.

Intersectionality (3-4 credits)
One graduate course that intersects gender with race, class, sexuality, and/or nationality.

Interdisciplinarity (3-8 credits)
In consultation with the Graduate Director, students are required to develop their interdisciplinary skills by taking at least one graduate course in a discipline that is new to them.

Link to: Courses in the Graduate Bulletin.