Honors Program in Women's, Gender & Studies (WGSS)

The WGSS Honors Program is designed for WGSS majors who would like to engage in original work resulting in a written, multimedia, or creative honors project, completed under AWSS 495 (3 credits). The student must submit the project in completed form in the senior year to be eligible for recognition at graduation with a special Honors Certificate.

To be eligible to apply, a student must have completed at least 12 credits of course work toward the WGSS major and must maintain a minimum overall grade point average of 3.25 during junior and senior years as well as a minimum of 3.50 grade point average for all courses applicable toward the major. (If the GPAs fall below those levels, the student's courses in the Honors Program will still count toward the WGSS major.)

To be admitted, a student must submit the Application Form to the WGSS Department office, HU 355E (Program Director Rajani Bhatia), late in the sophomore year or anytime in the junior year. Junior transfers may apply at the time of their admission to the University or as soon as they are eligible, based on the list above.

Typically the project begins as a paper or project the student writes for an upper-division WGSS Studies course no later than the spring of the junior year. During the senior year, honors students fulfill the requirements for the honors program by enrolling in AWSS 495, Honors Project (concurrently with AWSS 490Z, Research Seminar in WGSS, during the fall semester, or during the following Spring semester in order to build on the work produced in AWSS 490Z).

In the application, the student will provide a description of the proposed project (a prospectus) and choose the Honors Project Advisor, a faculty member associated with WGSS, to supervise the work in AWSS 495. The project will be evaluated by the Honors Project Advisor and the Honors Program Director, and the student will present the results at an event open to the public event such as the M.A. Project Showcase, an undergraduate panel in the WGSS Brown Bag Lecture Series, or at a conference at the local, regional, or national level.

The application form must be submitted to the WGSS Department for approval during the semester prior to the semester in which the thesis will be completed. Most theses are completed during the fall semester or early in the spring semester of a student's senior year. Students should work with their Honors Project Advisor on the title and prospectus, and have the Advisor sign the application.

The TITLE is a provisional one that describes the research or creative project; the final title may be different. The PROSPECTUS (one or two paragraphs) is a brief description or outline of the project that includes the research problem or question, the nature of the methods used, and the significance of the project to feminist thought and social change. A timeline, plans for IRB (Institutional Research Board) approval for research with human subjects, and other aspects of the project plan may be included.

For more information, please contact Rajani Bhatia, rbhatia2@albany.edu. You may download a copy of the application form here.