Joan E. Schulz Graduate Assistantship in Feminist Pedagogy

The Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers a 2-year fundiing award to help coordinate the department's Teaching Collective.

Deadline: February 15

Terms of appointment:

• Must be enrolled in or admitted to the MA program in the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS);
• Must be enrolled for at least 9 credit-hours per semester;
• First-year appointment ($5,000 stipend, no tuition), second-year appointment to full assistantship (including tuition) subject to performance review by the supervisor.

In the first year, the awardee "shadows" the coordinator of the Teaching Collective, including participating in meetings of the Teaching Collective, in order to become familiar with the workings of the Collective. In the second year, the awardee receives a full graduate assistantship to coordinate the Teaching Collective and mentors the new Schulz awardee..

TO APPLY: Complete the online Application Questionnaire for the Joan E. Schulz Graduate Assistantship in Feminist Pedagogy along with your online application for admission to the MA Program.

About the Teaching Collective

The Teaching Collective was started in 1977 as a means to empower undergraduates in their own education and the education of their peers. Over the years, the students and faculty who constitute the Collective have been responsible for the evolving content and teaching of "Introduction to Feminisms" (WSS 101) a heavily-enrolled entry-level course in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In order to become Teaching Collective facilitators (peer instructors) in Introduction to Feminisms, undergraduate students admitted to the Teaching Collective need to enroll in three training courses: WSS 310 (Introduction to Feminist Pedagogy) in the Fall, WSS 320 (Feminist Pedagogy in Theory) in the Spring, and WSS 322 (Feminist Pedagogy in Practice) also in the Spring. The courses are overseen by the Teaching Collective Coordinator.