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Q Diamond-Gottlieb

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Email message from Q, dated May 17, 2015:

Hello Women's Studies colleagues -

Yesterday, I became a graduate nurse. I still have to take my licensing exam in June, and then I will be an RN. But I wanted to share pictures because I wore my University at Albany MA stole on top of my nursing graduation regalia.

Elizabeth (Libby) Becker (another UA WSS alum) also graduated with me yesterday.

Also, during these last two years, I used my UA WSS education and my feminism when I gave two presentation to nursing students about LGBTQ cultural competency while providing health care, particularly nursing care. Additionally, Libby and I both have been advocates throughout our program, both in the classroom and in the clinical setting, for social justice. We will continue to do exactly that as we continue in this field. There are many, many opportunities to educate others, ourselves, and to make changes within our field for the betterment of all marginalized communities and we are committed to doing exactly that throughout the duration of our nursing careers.

Just thought you'd appreciate a check in from a former undergraduate/graduate student, and adjunct faculty member of the department.

In Solidarity,
Q Diamond-Gottlieb

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