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Ravital Aranbaev








Ravital Aranbaev

Degree from Our Department
B.A., 2005

Where is she now?
International Health Coach in New York City
What can you do with a degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies?
Since graduating from UAlbany, I’ve written for newspapers on women’s issues, managed non-profits, started my own health coaching practice, taught numerous classes, worked with teenagers on creating social change, traveled with marketing tours, etc. I’ve had clients in South Africa, Pakistan, England, Portugal and various parts of the US and helped them overcome specific health struggles. Most of my clients are women, and I empower them to reclaim their health and in turn reclaim their lives. I also teach classes on how to overcome stress-related diseases as well as work with medical students and doctors on incorporating holistic approaches into their medical practices. There isn’t anything I couldn’t do with this degree.

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