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Elmira Alihosseini








Elmira Alihosseini

Degree from Our Department
M.A., 2014

Where is she now?
Pursuing Ph.D. in Anthropology at John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
What can you do with a degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies?
During my master’s program at Albany, I was working on reproductive politics and the recent shift in Iranian demographic discourses and change in the national population policy, which drew me to the field of medical anthropology.  This is what I am focusing on here at Hopkins as well.

The interdisciplinary nature of WSS provides every individual with a chance to follow her own inspirations either within the academy--in terms of scholarly projects within a wide array of disciplines--or outside of it--in terms of the possibility of joining various NGOs, activist groups or policy making organizations. So, instead of asking what can one do with the degree in WSS, one would have to ask herself: what does she want to do?  And then see if the WSS degree would help her achieve that goal.

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