transcending silence...




transcending silence...
Spring 2010 Issue

Let Me Bloom

Leslie C. Sotomayor

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Series Statement:

Let Me Bloom is the universal struggle between what we are told and the authentic self. It is the beauty and the ugliness that fight to come forth and grow.  We must make an active choice to survive and live fully, and also to encourage and help other women.  The change starts with ourselves to be able to reach out.  To be globally aware of our situations and work towards them together is the key in fundamental human rights.  The words that are emphasized in Globally Positive are a representation of what we can set as goals to accomplish worldwide. Often we feel small and helpless, which makes standing up for each other that much more important.  My self-image and my voice in this world are important for two main reasons: to be an example of what beauty really is to my children and to be a voice of change in the name of compassion and equality. 

Our culture is bombarded on a regular basis by media and advertisements.  There is simply very little we can do to avoid being influenced by them.  Girls grow up to become women that are most likely insecure about themselves, and receive mixed messages about what it means to be female.  Our society is obsessed with a false sense of 'perfection' feeding us cupfuls of dissatisfaction, guilt and shame.  The continuous need to compare and feel pressure is not only discouraging but detrimental.  In my piece, Media Images, I convey the notion of what is subtle in our daily lives.  The constant voices that tell us who to be and how to act are keeping us in a dark room where we can't see our own face. 

Edited by Yurie Nozu and Chelsea Rillo