transcending silence...




transcending silence...
Spring 2010 Issue

About this Issue


Reclaiming Humanity is the theme for the 2010 issue of transcending silence… The works featured here explore human rights struggles, including the struggle for dignity in the face of sexual objectification, dehumanization, and globalization.  Taken together, the four creative pieces in this issue shed light on the positive ways that we can overcome our silences and reclaim our humanity as a result.

Mariah Dahl’s "RebelMart" is a parody of online shopping sites and consumerism. This innovative "essay," presented in hypertext, also serves to promote awareness of the ways women's bodies are exploited as commodities.

Similarly, Leslie C. Zoebish’s art series "Let Me Bloom" elaborates on the different ways that women struggle for full representation in media and visual culture. She challenges media images of women, which fragment their bodies, while exploring their potential to "bloom" in their full humanity.

This struggle for humanity is further characterized in Amy Ramirez’s poem "When Global Economies Develop," a creative counterpoint to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Challenging what she views as the imperialist framework of the UDHR, Ramirez applies the constructive use of anger to explore globalization in a Latin American context.  She also disrupts the hegemonic and global hold of the English language by incorporating Spanish--both in the audio version of this poem and in the written text itself.

Finally, the poems of Munia Islam illuminate the goals of "transcending silence."  Although faced with hardships, the women in "Letting Go" and "A Woman's Affair" remain inspired to resist the cultural and social limitations of being a South Asian woman.

These works of art and poetry represent an emerging voice of a new generation of feminists and activists embracing diversity and promoting social consciousness.

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