transcending silence...




transcending silence...
Spring 2009 Issue


About the Contributors

Mariah Dahl

Mariah DahlMariah Dahl is a senior graduating from the University at Albany in December of 2009, with a major in Women's Studies and a minor in Art. She is the outreach coordinator for Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, NY. She is also the DJ for "Rebels with a Cause" a radio show broadcast on WCDB Albany, the SUNY College radio station. "This show is my outlet and my voice to fight all the social inequalities I see and hear about within in the community and the world. Every show is my act of resistance against patriarchy and human injustices."

Munia Islam
Poems: "Letting Go" and "A Woman's Affair"

Munia IslamMy name is Munia Islam and I come from a Bangladeshi background, but was born in the United States. I am currently attending the Pennsylvania State University and hope to graduate in May 2010 with a Bachelors of Science, with a double minor in Health Policy Administration (HPA) and Sociology. transcending silence is my first attempt, and a prestigious foot in the door, to make my mark in the creative writing world, and I hope that this is just the beginning of the journey.  

Amy V. Ramirez Rodriguez
"When Global Economies Develop"

amy ramirezI was born and raised in Manhattan, in Washington Heights. My mother raised me with the help of my two older siblings, and guidance of many nurturing academic mentors. Currently I am a philosophy major at Bucknell University. Now in my senior year my philosophical passions and the memories of my lived experiences are synthesizing, and constantly I am thinking about ethical theories and praxes. This piece on human rights is one my first attempts to articulate my thoughts on these matters. I hope to write further on ethics and globalization.

Leslie C. Sotomayor
"Let Me Bloom"

Leslie Christina ZoebishMy passion for Art has always been an expression of myself. After having three children, I decided I was at a point in my life where I have a deeper understanding of myself, who I am and what I long for. At 31 years, I have returned to school, currently at Pennsylvania State University in the State College area where I reside. My goals include a BFA in Painting and a minor in Women's Studies. The integration of Art and Women's Studies is my pursuit of being pro-active in our world which we are all connected to.


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