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C. Sutton

American Folksong, Seeger and DiFranco: The Danger of Invisibility in Mainstream Popular Culture
S. Kryger

And I Found Feminism: The History and Contemporary Theory

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Elizabeth A. Becker

Birth: Eight Women Tell the Truth about Birth in America


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S. Sells & C. Troyan Coup de Foudre
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Kaitlin Boyle

Every Single Day
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H. McKay

Finding Bo-bae
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yolanda palmer

I Will Shed Tears for Virginia Tech

Casey Davidge

In Celebration

l. vandebogart

Invisibility and Visibility of Queer Women and Lesbians in the Sex Work Industry Between 1970 and 1990

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A. Cooley

The Legacy of Lynching: The Effects on Contemporary Black Masculinity in Relationship to Black Violence.

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Laura Gallery

Mujeres en Acción: Indigenous Women's Activism In Chiapas, Mexico
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Sarah Morris

"The name for that kind of decency": Cultural Constructions of Imperial Masculinity and Gendered Threats in Late Victorian Britain

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Aida Hodzic

Of Moments in Time
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K. Conroy


l. vandebogart

Performative Violence as Catharsis: Analyzing Feminist Expression and Representation Within Cultural Texts

Edward C. DuBois

Plato as a Proto-Feminist

S. Whipple

"Prove it on Me": Topics in the Blues Music of Gertrude "Ma" Rainey and Bessie Smith
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M. Stutzman Rape in the American Civil War: Race, Class, and Gender in the Case of Harriet McKinley and Perry Pierson
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S. Kolt

Science and Its Implications on Race, Sex, and Ability

D. Warwick Sexual Colonialism: Aboriginal Women and Gendered Violence
V. Wendel Starvation Series
Jennifer Kowalski Stereotype of History: Reconstructing Truth and the Black Mammy
S. Querbes

The Supreme Court, Sodomy Laws and the Impact of the LGBT Movement in America

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Ana Gallira

What If...

A. Torres

Women of the Skies