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Are you a graduate student or a mid-level professional seeking to strengthen your leadership skills and broaden your public policy knowledge? Are you committed to positive social change and to furthering the well-being of women and their families? The Center for Women in Government & Civil Society invites you to apply for its 2017 Fellowship on Women & Public Policy.

The Fellowship on Women & Public Policy is a unique opportunity at the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, University at Albany.

Since 1983, the program has prepared public policy leaders by instilling the knowledge and cultivating the skills needed to become effective advocates and public policy leaders.

Through a balanced and comprehensive approach that combines academic instruction, field placement in a New York State-based public policy position, and personal and professional development activities, the program supports fellows to:

  • Understand the public policy world with both theoretical and practical instruction from leaders in the policy arena;   
  • Research, analyze, and advocate for issues of concern to women, children, families and communities in New York State; 
  • Strengthen skills in writing, public policy analysis and creative and critical thinking, and sharpen interpersonal and critical skills needed to become effective leaders;  
  • Explore ways to overcome personal and professional barriers to leadership, and   
  • Develop a professional network of mentors and become part of an expanding community of alumnae Fellows.    

Based in Albany, New York, this six-month program runs from the beginning of January through the end of June each year. Fellows are full-time graduate students in the spring semester, and work 30 hours a week in their placement offices.  A $10,000 stipend plus tuition assistance is available to Fellows.

The Fellowship invites qualified graduate students and professionals who have completed at least 12 credits of graduate coursework and possess a minimum of three years of internship/work experience to apply. The Fellowship is an interdisciplinary program that invites applications from all fields of study. Fellows are selected on a competitive basis, and must be in good academic standing at their college or university. The Fellowship is primarily for graduate students, but we also consider mid-level professionals who demonstrate commitment to the vision of the Fellowship.
Deadline for Submitting Applications is August 15, 2016.

For further information about the Fellowship on Women & Public Policy, please contact Bilge Avci at bavci@albany.edu and at 518-591-8762.


The Center for Women in Government & Civil Society advances excellence in public service by facilitating balanced leadership; and promotes gender-responsive public policy that is shaped by women's perspectives. The Center utilizes research, teaching, training and public education to accomplish its mission.