Invest in Women! To create a society where women and men of all backgrounds participate equally in shaping the future 2013 marks the 35th anniversary of the original inspiration and vision that created the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society: to engage, support and advance women in New York State government. Over the years that vision has expanded to include women in all spheres of public service and civil society.

What a milestone!  The largest number of women ever will serve in the 113th U.S. Congress. The 2012 election was a significant victory for women. For the first time, a total of 20 women (16D, 4R) will serve in the Senate, and a record 78 women (58D, 20R) will serve in the U.S. House

Women voters have proven that women are a formidable force.  They sent a powerful message in the 2012 election that issues of access to contraception, equal pay for equal work and the sanctity of the female body are as important as a vibrant economy.

Women made a compelling statement that politicians who ignore women voters and the issues they care about do so at their own peril. 

To keep the inspiration and momentum alive, we invite you to partner with us now!

Invest in Women!
To sustain and advance the Center's groundbreaking gender research and education

We must continue to strengthen the next generation of women leaders; to keep the vision of balanced leadership on the front burner of public discourse; to complete the public record on the status of women; to inform decision makers on women's access to political and economic opportunities; and to facilitate mainstreaming of evidence based gender-responsive approaches that transform institutions.

Invest in Women!
Your support is needed more than ever

Center initiatives are dependent in large part on the generosity and dedication of those who share our dream and goals. 

We ask you to stand with us, to partner with us, and to help us advance this effort. 

Our Goal is $100,000 by September 2013.

You may choose to direct your gift to support domestic and international initiatives in the following areas any of the following areas

  • Where the need is greatest
  • Women & Leadership          
  • Economic Security          
  • Health Systems & Disparities   
  • Safety & Wellbeing

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Levels of Corporate Partnerships include:

  • $5000 (Ceiling-Free Circle)        
  • $2,500 (Partner)                      
  • $1000 (Sustainer) 
    $500 (Supporter)

Levels of Individual Sponsorship include:

  • 500 (Benefactors' Circle)
  • $250 (Partner)
  • $100 (Supporter)        
  • $50 (Friend)
  • Make a gift in someone's special honor or memory. Contact us for further information

Legacy Society

Consider including the Center for Women in Government5 & Civil Society in your estate planning contact us for further information

Contributors' names and logos will be displayed on all 35th Anniversary materials and on Center website.


Together, we can keep the momentum alive, and make our collective vision a reality.


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