CWGCS Timeline

  • 2018 - CWGCS receives a grant from the NYS Legislature to continue its work on the Immigrant Integration Index. CWGCS releases report on Appointed Policy Makers appointed by governors in the 50 States. Center holds a Policy Roundtable on Advancing the Women’s Agenda.

  • 2017 - CWGCS completes a large-scale evaluation of Breathing Lights, a public art project funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The evaluation captured the extent to which the project activated civic engagement around conditions of urban blight and economic disinvestments in cities. CWGCS holds a policy Roundtable on Urban Blight.

  • 2016 - CWGCS receives a grant from the NYS Assembly Hispanic and Puerto Rican Task Force to develop an online platform that maps, scores and grades New York State communities and regions based on their performance in integrating foreign-born New Yorkers socially and economically.

  • 2015 - CWGCS extends its reach to the international arena by providing online and face-to-face educational programs to civil society actors and legal professionals in the Global South. The program seeks to strengthen knowledge about women’s right to health, public policy advocacy, public service leadership and gender-sensitive governance.

  • 2014 - CWGCS starts a program on quantifying immigrant integration and creating an immigrant integration index.

  • 2013 - Center undergoes strategic restructuring of its mission and operational goals and adopts 4 emphasis areas: women & leadership; Economic Security; Health Systems & Gender-Based Disparities; Safety & wellbeing. Center hosts two Community Conversations to raise awareness about global and local issues affecting women.

  • 2012 - U.S. Department of State sponsors center research examining the substantive Representation of women in the Ugandan National legislature. Core Competencies of Healthcare Interpreters article published in the International Journal of Social Science documenting research findings conducted at the Center and supported by New York State Department of Health Center convenes Roundtable in partnership with NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence on “working with Individuals who Abuse their Partners.”

  • 2011 - Center launches NEW LeadershipTM New York, a Summer Institute for female undergraduate students designed to inspire women to run for office and pursue a career in public service. Fourteen NEW leaders completed the inaugural program. Center hosts a Research & Policy Roundtable on Advancing Girls in STEM Education.

  • 2010 – Women in Federal and State-level Judgeships, a report examining the persistent underrepresentation of women on the bench, is published The Women’s Leadership Academy, designed to fortify and fill the pipelines of women’s leadership at the local, state and national levels, is launched

  • 2009 - New York State Nontraditional Employment & Training (NET) project joins the Center; Center joins the National Education for Women’s (NEW) Leadership Network, and becomes the 20th state to begin offering an undergraduate political action training program
    • Judith Saidel, Executive Director of CWGCS for 18 years, transitions into the role of Senior Research Associate; Dina Refki, former Director of the Immigrant Women & State Policy Project, is named Director.

    • Three-year grant received from the National institutes of Health, Office of Population Affairs, to address disparities in family planning services and meet the needs of patients with limited English proficiency

    • Two-year grant received from the U.S. Department of Education to develop and test a mathematics enrichment and STEM career exploration curriculum for African-American high school girls

  • 2008 - A study titled Glass Ceiling in Gubernatorial Appointments, 1997-2007 detailing trends in gender, race and ethnicity composition of executive branch leadership in the 50 states. New York Times publishes editorial, “Not Just a Glass Ceiling,” based on the report
    • Needs Assessment of Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence in Arab American Communities in NYS study published
    • Four outstanding women receive the women in Public Service Leadership Award at the Center’s 30th anniversary celebration Study on core competencies and training standards for health care interpreters Assessment of NYS Legislative Women’s Caucus at request of its Executive Committee

  • 2007 - National conference report and policy brief released on Increasing Language Access to Healthcare
    Women’s Health and Intergenerational Caregiving Forum co-convened to examine the impact of poverty, ethnicity, work-life balance on caregiving
    First ever Tech Valley Civic Forum hosted, bringing together cross-sector leaders to build inclusive social development planning in the context of Tech Valley’s economic expansion

  • 2006 - Difficult Dialogues Initiative launched at UAlbany to build faculty, staff, and student connections to strengthen dialogic exchanges. The Network worked on a needs assessment, planning of special dialogue events, faculty and staff skill development, and curriculum transformation

  • 2005 - Democracy Unrealized, The Underrepresentation of People of Color as Appointed Policy Leaders in State Government released Services to young women and men as part of the (GAIN) Healthy Sexual Decision-making program provided

  • 2004 - Series of regional workshops conducted that brought together immigrant women leaders and family planning providers. Report on the workshop discussions, Increasing Immigrant Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Care, published. Report provided analysis, identified promising models and resources to overcome complex barriers

  • 2003 - Center for Women in Government & Civil Society celebrated 25th anniversary. Six exceptional women receive first Women in Public Service Leadership Award
    New research released: The $4 Billion Growth Industry That Cares: The Impact of the Nonprofit Sector on the Capital Region of New York State and the changing Government Workforce in State and Localities, 1990-1997

  • 2002 - Rockefeller College Initiative on Nonprofit Management and Leadership and the Nonprofit Executive Roundtable launched by the Center.
    Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership offered for the first time as a new interdisciplinary graduate program

  • 2001 - Center changes its name to Center for Women in Government & Civil Society Immigrant Women and State Policy program launched to advance the integration of immigrant women and their families into the social, political, and economic life of the nation

  • 1998 - Four-year grant received from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the Nonprofit Education Initiative
    Center’s 20th anniversary, “Reunion and Renewal,” celebrated at NYS Museum

  • 1997 - Liberty Partnerships Program honored with the Outstanding Service to Families in the Capital District

  • 1996 - Hidden Violence Against Women in the Workplace published as part of the Women in Public Service report series

  • 1995 - Community-building meeting hosted by the Advisory Committee on Minority Women’s Issues to reach out to a broad network
    Summer at the Center program title changed to Liberty Partnerships Program
    Initial grant for Completing the Public Record: Appointed Policy Makers in State Government awarded by the Ford Foundation

  • 1994 - Center’s creation of the term “sticky floor” acknowledged by the Atlantic Monthly’s Word Watch column Delegation of Russian women NGO leaders hosted at the Center

  • 1993 - 15th anniversary with theme “Equity, Diversity and Leadership” celebrated in the Well of the Legislative Office Building with Governor Mario Cuomo as the keynote speaker.
    Event featured a juried Student Art Exhibit Summer at the Center established by a grant from the NYS Education Department

  • 1992 - Study reporting that 55% of the approximately 3 million women in state and local government hold low-paying, low-mobility jobs coins term “sticky floor”
    Grant received from U.S. Department of Education to study opportunities for persons with disabilities to obtain competitive employment in the public sector
    Conference held on “SocialWorkers and Public Policy: visions and Strategies”

  • 1991 - Grants for the Fellowship program received from the Charles H. Revson Foundation, Xerox Foundation, Philip Morris Company, African American Institute, Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, and NYS Department of Labor and Social Services
    First issue published of “Women in Public Service: A Bulletin of the Center for Women in Government”

  • 1990 - Conference held on “Nurses and Public Policy: Knowing the Process, Using the Power”

  • 1989 - “Nontraditional Jobs for Women: Getting a Job in New York State Government” published
    New Managing Program courses introduced: “Leadership for the Workforce 2000,” the “Multicultural Work Environment,” and “Managing in the Computerized Environment”

  • 1988 - Major study of pay equity in 23 hospitals in the Canadian Province of Manitoba released grant received from Wellesley College to study the impact of public policy on the occupational mobility of black women

  • 1986 - Pay equity analyses completed for the National Committee on Pay Equity, local jurisdictions in New York State, and the State of Washington

  • 1985 - Study reporting that 70% of promotions in NYS government are made outside the traditional exam process released.
    Minority Women’s Training Program initiated in the NYS Department of Social Services

  • 1984 - Testimony delivered before the NYS Council Committee on Women on the need to increase promotional opportunities of women and minority men

  • 1983 - First graduate students selected for legislative Fellowships on Women and Public Policy

  • 1982 - Ford Foundation conference, organized by the Center, examines occupational segregation and its impact on working women

  • 1981 - First meeting of the Minority Task force held to advise Center on its efforts to improve the status of minority women in government

  • 1980 - Survey conducted to gather information about the extent of sexual harassment in the state workplace

  • 1979 - First working paper published, “Sex-Segregated \ Career Ladders in New York State Government Employment: A Structural Analysis of the Inequality in Employment”

  • 1978 - First Board of Directors meeting
    First Career Day Seminar attended by more than 200 women from the Capital Region


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