Session 1
Track 1: Behavioral Cyber Security Track 2: Cyber Warfare and Censorship Track 3: Organizational Risk and Security
Why Do Users Continue to Use Mobile Cloud Computing Applications? A Security-Privacy

Hamid Reza Nikkhah, Varun Grover and Rajiv
Apollo: A System for Tracking Internet Censorship
Eric Joyce, Matthew Goldeck, Christopher
Leberknight and Anna Feldman
The Dynamics of Information Security Policy Adoption
Alper Yayla and Sumantra Sarkar
Over-claiming as a Predictor of Insider Threat
Activities in Individuals

Stan Zavoyskiy, Nicholas Rizzo, Sanjay Goel and
Kevin Williams
Mitigating Cyber Warfare through Deterrence and

Annika Heffter and Sanjay Goel
Management and Organizational Influences on Non-Malicious Information Exposure Through Personal Device Usage of U.S. Intelligence Community Analysts Conducting Open Source Research
Tyler Pieron and James Smith
Critical Role of Ethical Leadership on Information Security Climate and Employee ISP Violation Behavior
Botong Xue, Feng Xu and Merrill Warkentin
Natural Language Processing as a Weapon
Jordan Shropshire
Organizational Culture and Information Privacy Assimilation: An Empirical Study
Prakash Attili, Saji Mathew and Vijayan Sugumaran
Session 2
Track 1: Behavioral Cyber Security Track 2: Technical Cyber Security Track 3: Privacy
Security-Related Cynicism: Construct Development
and Measurement

Lennart Jaeger, Gabriela Labres Mallmann and
Andreas Eckhardt
Securing Serverless Computing
Ravi Patnayakuni and Nainika Patnayakuni.
The Role of Privacy-Preserving Technologies in the Age of Big Data
Daniel Bachlechner, Karolina La Fors & Alan Sears
SNS Use, Risk, and Executive Behavior
Andy Green, James Parrish, James Smith and Jason
State-of-the-Art in Security Thinking for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Miranda Kajtazi, Bahtijar Vogel, Joseph Bugeja
and Rimpu Varshney
Social Influence and Visual Attention in the Personalization Privacy Paradox for Social Advertising: An Eye Tracking Study
Thomas Frick, Ting Li and Paul Pavlou
Collective Deviance in IS
Gabriela Labres Mallmann, Andreas Eckhardt and Antônio Carlos Gastaud Maçada
The Misty Crystal Ball: Efficient Concealing of Privacy-sensitive Attributes in Predictive Analytics
Nicolas Banholzer, Stefan Feuerriegel and Daniel
Subliminal Profiling: Ethical Considerations for the Use of Online Identities in the Age of the Internet Search Engine
Atiya Avery and Dream Gomez
Phishing Susceptibility across Industries: The Differential Impact of Influence Techniques
Chuan Tian, Matthew Jensen and Alexandra
Reviewing Technological Solutions of Source Address Validation
Jongbok Byun, Christopher Paolini & Bongsik Shin
Does Privacy Really Matter? An Extended Perspective on Individual Information System Continuance Use
Shizhen Jia and Robert E. Crossler
Session 3
Track 1: Cyber Security Training and Education Track 2: Economics of Security & Risk Track 3: Privacy
Enhancing Cybersecurity Content in Undergraduate Information Systems Programs: A Way Forward
Rajendra Raj, Edward Sobiesk, Allen Parrish and
Jean Blair
Cyber Insurance for Correlated Risks from Phishing Attacks: A Decision-theoretic Approach
Arunabha Mukhopadhyay, Baidyanath Biswas and
Gaurav Gupta
Regulate Privacy in SNS: Privacy Control on the Self-Boundary and the Dyadic-Boundary
Chuang Wang and Jun Zhang
Fear Appeals versus Priming in Ransomware Training Compliance
Michael Curry, Byron Marshall, Robert Crossler
and John Correia
An Investigation on the Generative Mechanisms of Dark Net Markets
Paolo Spagnoletti, Federica Ceci and Bendik
Anonymity, Privacy, and Disclosure (APD) Triad on Social Networking Applications
Mehrdad Koohikamali, Dan Kim and Aaron French
Investigation on Willingness of Employees to Share Information Security Advice
Sahar Farshadkhah, Michele Maasberg and T.
Selwyn Ellis
An Examination of Resilience in Healthcare Information Systems in the Context of Natural Disasters
Insu Park, Jeewon Cho and H.R. Rao