Academic Regulations

Complete academic regulations and standards appear in detail in the University’s Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate Bulletin. Should you require information regarding grading standards and academic policy, please refer to the appropriate publication.


Course descriptions should be reviewed to be sure that course prerequisites have been met. Course descriptions for undergraduate UAlbany courses can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin. For courses that require prior approval for registration, contact the appropriate departmental office or the instructor of record for the desired course. All University faculty or departmental offices can be reached by calling (518) 442-3300 (University Operator).

Course Load

The maximum course load during the Wintersession term is 8 credit hours at the undergraduate level and 6 credit hours at the graduate level.


Regulations concerning attendance in a particular course are at the discretion of the instructor, and any problems with individual class attendance should be presented to the instructor of that class.

If you stop attending any class without properly dropping or withdrawing from the class, you will receive a grade in the course and no refund of tuition will be granted. You may refer to the course withdrawal/drop procedures listed on the student accounts website for further information.

Failure to log-on to your online course does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. Students who do not properly withdraw are bound to the tuition liability schedule.

Auditing Courses

Students may not formally or informally audit any Wintersession course.

S/U Grading

The S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grading option applies only to undergraduate students. Undergraduate students wishing to have a course graded S/U or changed back to A-E grading should submit an S/U, A-E grading option form.  These forms can be accessed from MyUAlbany.  Once you are on the MyUAlbany page, select the Academics tab at the top, then select "S/U Opt Form" on the left (last item under Enrollment Services). 

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