Fall, 2017 WCI Writing Contest Winners and Finalists

Personal Inquiry

Winner: “My Brother Caleb” by Libra Dolce

Finalists: “Train Stop Thinking” by Casey Marescot  and “A Little Bit of Each” by Hyun Ah Yoon

Honorable Mention: “The Other Story” by Tyler Jetjomlong


Winner: “Marked Up” by Hyun Ah Yoon

Finalists: “Negative Space” by Gabrielle Shames “When Did Skinny Become Beautiful?” by Caroline Veldhuizen

Honorable Mention: “If My Grandfather Read This” by Tracy Norman


Winner: “Animal, Vegetable, or Man?” by Gabrielle Shames

Finalists: “John Henryism, Sickness, Injury, and Racism” by Jayda Melnitsky and “Education: Grand Equalizer or Frontier Between Privileged and Underprivileged?” by Hailey Kibbel

Honorable Mention: “The Skinny Truth: Why Government Intervention is Necessary” by Caroline Veldhuizen