Sarah Giragosian

Degree & Institution:  Ph.D. in English, University at Albany
MFA in Poetry, Boston University
BA in English, Mount Holyoke College

Areas of Interest: 20th century North American Poetries and Poetics, Ecocriticism/Ecopoetics, Queer Theory, Creative Writing, Posthumanist Studies.

Office Location: LI B 96N


My interest in writing on "minority" and environmental literatures has informed my teaching practices. My courses often address multicultural, racial, ecocritical, queer and feminist themes. I believe writing can offer a meaningful site of inquiry into social actions and modes of being and thus can be a social and political resource.

WCI Students can expect: Students can expect to learn strategies for working with difficult texts, to develop a methodology for writing and research, and to approach writing as an exploratory, process-based practice.