Allison Craig

Allison Craig photoDegree & Institution: PhD, English, University at Albany, State University of New York; MA, English, Virginia Tech

Areas of interest: Late 20th – 21st Century American Literature, Feminist Cultural Theory, Trauma Studies, Film Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Composition and Rhetoric

Office Location: LI B 96Y


 Allison V. Craig joined the faculty at the University at Albany, State University of New York, in 2013 as lecturer in the Writing and Critical Inquiry Program. She received her Ph.D. in English from UAlbany and her M.A. in English from Virginia Tech.

Professor Craig’s research and teaching interests include late 20th to 21st Century American literature with a focus on gender and crisis. She is interested in the ways cultural texts, and, in particular writing about cultural texts, offer ways to examine individual and systemic behaviors and foster critical thinking.

Recent Publications

Under review: “‘They Gotta Tell You Something’: ‘Reel’ Violence in Boys Don’t Cry and Monster”

Recent Presentations

“Conflicted Spaces: Navigating Difficult Subjects in Online Learning.” NeMLA. April 2014.
"[W]e must become sea": Subjective Geographies and Scales of Transformation in Linda Hogan’s Solar Storms.” Co-presented with Shealeen Meaney. NeMLA. April 2014.

Selected Courses

Writing and Critical Inquiry: Lessons in Survival (UUNI 110)
Argument and Persuasion (English 303z)
Expository Writing (English 300w)
Writing in English Studies (English 205z)
Creative Writing (English 102z)
Analytical Writing (English 100z)
Women Writers (English/Women’s Studies 368)
Nonfiction Prose: Adventure Literature (English 356)
Studies in Film (English 355)
Science Fiction (English 242)