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How the Slide Collection is Organized
How to Check Out Slides
Ordering New Slides

How the Slide Collection is Organized

The VRL’s slide collection is organized into the eight major sections listed below. Because the origin of each section differs, so does its organizational scheme.
Click on each section name for more information regarding its organization:

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How to Check Out Slides

University Faculty and Art Department Graduate Students may check out slides for one week. Only one carousel of slides may be checked out at once.

Undergraduate Art Students may check out slides for class presentations on the day of the presentation to be returned the same day. Please see the Visual Resources Curator for special circumstances.

  1. Take a slide box, a check-out sheet, and slide replacement cards (orange for faculty, yellow for students) from the center slide aisle.
  2. Replace each slide removed from the drawers with a slide replacement card and store slides in the slide box.
  3. Fill out the check-out form completely.
  4. Check out at the front desk.
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Ordering New Slides

The VRL no longer accepts requests for the production of new slides. Although many faculty members had already transitioned to digital images, the decision to cease production of new slides was based on the fact that our lab no longer processes slides. The production of slides is becoming prohibitively expensive as this media loses favor and the demand has decreased. In place of its former copystand program, the VRL now offers a digital copystand service to Art History faculty (please see the Digital Images section for more details).

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