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Copyright Policy

Slides, photographs, and digital images will be produced or duplicated in accordance with the fair use guidelines of the 1976 copyright law. Said slides, photographs, and digital images will be used for educational purposes only, and will bear an appropriate copyright notice. This means that digital images will only be used for classroom presentation or study purposes. Any digital images posted on the Internet (including on course websites or on PowerPoint presentations hosted on websites) must be password protected. When a request to produce or duplicate material is considered to be in violation of the copyright law, the material will not be produced or duplicated.

I. Producing slides, photographs, and digital images from copyrighted work:

  • Only one copy of an image from a copyrighted work will be made.

  • When slides and photographs of acceptable quality are available from a commercial source they must be purchased.

  • In those cases where there is no indication that there are separate copyright owners for plates or figures, apart from the copyright owner of the text of a book, not more than 10% of the images per copyright owner will be produced as slides or photographs.

II. Duplication of slides and photographs in the collection:
  • No duplication of the collection is permitted.

  • The collection holdings may not be used in television, videos, websites or any Internet-based medium without the written permission of the copyright owner.

  • No monetary profit shall be realized by any party, including the University, from the duplication of the collection holdings.
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