Frequently Asked Questions

[+] How do I receive my veteran’s benefits?

[+] How long will it be before I receive my first check after applying for veterans' educational benefits for the first time?

[+] What are the current rates for veterans' educational benefits?

[+] How long will I receive veterans' benefits?

[+] What documents do I need to bring to the Financial Aid Office in order to start receiving veterans' educational benefits?

[+] Once approved for benefits, what do I need to do to renew my veteran's benefits for the following semesters?

[+] Do I get veteran's benefit payments during small breaks in school attendance?

[+] What should I do regarding veterans benefits if I decide to withdraw from a class or change my enrollment?

[+] Can I have my monthly veteran's benefit check sent directly to my checking account?

[+] What must I do if I am transferring from another institution where I previously received veteran's educational benefits?

[+] I paid the extra buy up towards my GI Bill. How much will I receive in addition to the base amount?

[+] Who qualifies for VA benefits under the Vocational Rehabilitation Program (Chapter 31)?

[+] Will I receive the future increases in the GI Bill?

[+] Can I receive GI money while attending classes during the summer?