Family of Service Members

The State University of New York at Albany is committed to improving the lives of our Military service men and women by offering support to their spouses and dependents. Both military spouses and their dependents deserve a high-quality education that will benefit their career and improve their family’s well-being. More importantly, they need a career path that's portable, so relocation never gets in the way of reaching their goals. As a military member, your spouse and dependents may be eligible to receive tuition assistance and benefits.

How to Get Started:

To apply for the MyCAA financial assistance, please follow the instructions below.

1. Set up a profile on the MyCAA website -

2.  Review and digitally sign (by entering your username and password) the MyCAA online Statement of Understanding (SOU) Terms and Conditions.

3. Develop a Career and Training Plan as soon as possible. MyCAA does not reimburse for classes that have already started. Contact

4. Use the "School Search" function under the "Resources" tab; you can search University at Albany.

5. Apply for admission at UAlbany if you wish to receive MyCAA financial assistance.

6. Enroll in your selected program of choice at Ualbany.

7. Contact the Veteran Certifying Official at Ualbany to let them know you will be applying to this program. (More paperwork might be needed).

Financial assistance is paid directly to schools and other payees registered in the AI portal. also offers an educational scholarship for military spouses or dependents. They will award up to $3000 towards a student’s education in any accredited institution. For more information, please visit: Below are some other resources available to Families living in NY: