The Library Committee

Senate Charter Reference

 2016-17 Library Committee Members
 Rebecca Mugridge
 Kimberly Van Orman
 Amanda Lowe (chair)
 Allison Craig
 Nancy Roberts
 Cathleen Green
 2015-16 Library Committee Members
 Rebecca Mugridge, Ex Officio - Interim Dean, Libraries
 Kimberly Van Orman, Ex Officio - ITLAL
 Simeon Ananou, VP for Information Technology Services and CIO
 Mathias Vuille, CAS/Atmospheric & Environmental (Library Chair)
 Amanda Lowe, Libraries
 Sandra Vergari, SOE
 Cathleen Green, PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences

2012-2013 Members

TF*C Delano, John - Chair CAS/DAES
TF* Dikarev, Evgeny  CAS/Chemistry 
TF*  Rorissa, Abebe  CCI/Information Studies 
PF*  Gaffney, Elizabeth  CAS Dean's Office 
PF*  Guyon, Jean  Libraries 
EO*  Casserly, Mary  Libraries 
PF  Millington, Errol  Finance & Business 
PF  Hecker, Jenna      ITS 


2011-2012 Members:

  Charles Hartman,  CAS/PsychologyMary Casserly, Libraries
Bruce Dudek,  CAS/Psychology
Diana Dumesnil, CNSE
Abebe Rorissa, CCI/Information Studies

2010-2011 Members:

Laura Schultz, Chair

Mary Casserly, Ex Officio
Bruce Dudek, Psychology
Nancy Newman, Music
Ruth Scipione, ITLAL

2007-2008 MEMBERS:

Chair:  Frank D'Andraia, University Libraries
(LISC Council Member)

Edna Acosta-Belen, CAS, Latin American, Caribbean & US Latino Studies
Jane Agee, SOE, Educational Theory & Practice
Seth D. Chaiken, CCI, Computer Science
Richard J. Matyi, CNSE
Mark Muraven, CAS, Psychology
David M. Smith, SOB, Finance
Janet P. Stamatel, Criminal Justice
Victoria von Arx, CAS, Music
(LISC Council Member)

*=LISC Member
TF=Teaching Faculty
PF=Professional Faculty
EO=Ex Officio