Governance Council (GOV)


The Governance Council is responsible for conducting University-wide balloting including elections to representative seats on the senate and propose membership for all Councils/Committees. For further information: Please refer to the Charter of the University Senate, Section X.1. GOVERNANCE COUNCIL

Members 2019-2020 

Sean Rafferty, Senate Vice Chair, GOV Chair
Christian Poehlmann, Senate Secretary
Timothy Sergay 
Abebe Rorissa
Christine Vassallo-Oby 
Kevin Quinn 
Virginia Yonkers 
Roxana Moslehi 
Diane Hamilton 
Carole Jewell
Maureen Darby 
Brandon Holdridge 


Committee on Assessment of Governance & Consultation
Assessment of the effectiveness of governance in representing its constituencies, addressing issues and concerns and affecting institutional decisions.

Committee on Liaison & Elections
Responsible for collaboration with schools and colleges, and with the University community at large, to disseminate information about University governance, conduct Senate forums, and facilitate communication between the University Senate and its constituencies. Also responsible for communication with the SUNY-wide Senate.

Committee on Council Nominations
Recommend to the Senate a slate of Council members and of members of the standing committees of the executive committee before the penultimate spring Senate meeting.

Committee on Mediation
The Committee shall be activated whenever an individual, and/or a unit, and/or a governance body bring(s) a dispute concerning actions or inactions of any governance body to the Governance Council. The Committee shall mediate between the parties of the dispute.

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule 

Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 3:00 pm  - UNH 105