Program Revision Steps

Step-by-step procedures

To Do:
  1. Prepare a program revision proposal using Form 3A Program Revision Proposal: Changes to an Existing Program
  2. Prepare the University Planning & Policy Council (UPPC)’s Campus Impact form, detailing resources required for your proposal.
  3. Review with designee in Office of Undergraduate Education.
  4. Submit to your school or college dean.
  1. The school or college dean may seek consideration of the Program revision proposal by a school/college governance body.
  2. The school/college dean transmits the completed Form 3A to the Vice Provost (or designee) who, in turn, will forward it to the Undergraduate Academic Council and the University Planning & Policy Council (UPPC).
  3. The Curriculum and Honors subcommittee of UAC  will review the proposal and direct any concerns or questions to the initiator.  C&H will present the proposal to UAC for approval.
  4. The Chairs of UAC and UPPC will inform the Senate Executive committee about the approved revision. Depending on the significance of the revision, the proposal may/may not be presented to the full Senate for additional approval.
  5. The revision will be forwarded to the President or Provost for final campus consideration.
  6. The Office of Undergraduate Education will prepare correspondence to the SUNY System Provost for transmittal of the proposal by the UAlbany Provost.
  7. Upon SUNY approval, the SUNY Provost will forward the Proposal to the NYS Education Department (SED) for consideration, final approval and registration. SED review may involve notice to other institutions in the State, affording them opportunity to comment.
  8. SED will notify the SUNY Provost upon final approval and registration. The SUNY Provost will, in turn, notify the campus President. The President’s Office will forward the approval notice to the campus Provost who will, in turn, direct it to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education for implementation purposes. The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education will notify the school/college dean, the initiating department, and all appropriate administrative units for program activation purposes.