Academic Policies

Faculty should refer to relevant sections of the online Undergraduate Bulletin ( as the primary source for undergraduate academic regulations and policies as well as for general requirements for the bachelor's degree. These Policy Reminders include certain policies and regulations copied from the Undergraduate Bulletin of particular relevance for faculty, and in some cases, provide additional details and guidance helpful to faculty.


  1. Syllabi
  2. Examinations
    • Final Examination Policy
    • Final Examination Retention Policy
    • Three Finals on One Day Policy
    • Exams Outside of Regular Class Hours
    • Exam Proctoring
  3. Attendance, Absences, and Opportunities to Make Up Work
    • Attendance Policy
    • Excused Abscence Policy
    • Faculty Obligation to Provide Opportunities to Make Up Missed Work
    • The "Drop the Worst Test" Option and Makeup Exams
    • Documentation and the Role of Undergraduate Education
  4. Grading
    • Grade Policies and Definitions
    • S/U Grading Option 
    • Incomplete Grade Policy
    • Other Grades and Indicators
    • Timeline for Grade Changes
    • Grade Grievances
    • Grading Option Deadline 
  5. Student Conduct and Disciplinary Referrals
    • Classroom Conduct
    • Academic Dishonesty
  6. Faculty Conduct and Grievances 
  7. Privacy Issues
    • F.E.R.P.A.
    • Posting Grades
    • Student Photos
  8. Registration
    • Class Standing
    • Senior Registration Policy
    • Deregistration of Students Who Do Not Have Appropriate Prerequisites
    • Deregistration of Students Who Fail to Attend Class
    • Adding Classes Beyond the Deadline
    • Late Withdrawals From Courses
  9. Some Graduation Requirements
    • Declaration of Major
      1. Multiple Majors
      2. Multiple Minors
    • Grade-Point Average Degree Requirement
    • Determination of Grade Point Average
    • Program Audits
    • Repeating Courses
    • Degree Requirements, Appropriate Undergraduate Bulletin
    • Residence Requirements
  10. Internship Courses
  11. Mentoring and Referrals
    • Mentoring
    • Referrals from Advisement 

Appendix 1: Principles of Teaching Responsibility

Appendix 2: Classroom Disruption