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University at Albany Undergraduate Bulletin - 2003-2004

University Developmental Courses

This instructional component consists of university developmental courses and is open to any matriculated student seeking help in writing skills and mathematics skills. These courses do not carry graduation credit because they foster the development of skills required for regular university courses.

O Eop 12 Written World (0)

Basic course in essay writing and critical reading skill. Offered only to EOP pre-college students during the summer. S/U graded.

O Eop 12A Writing Skills I (0)

Students gain competence and confidence through extensive writing practice with informal and formal assignments. Course work is highly individualized through extensive revision and frequent student/teacher conferences. Attention is paid to all aspects of the writing process. S/U graded.

O Eop 12B Writing Skills II (0)

Students gain competence and confidence in academic writing through reading based assignments and practice with standard academic discourse conventions. Students explore the connection between personal expression and public discourse. Final course project is a research paper and research based class presentation. S/U graded.

O Eop 13A Math I (0)

Primarily a review course in basic arithmetic and elementary algebra. It stresses the fundamental operations and application of whole numbers, decimal numbers, directed numbers, fractions (both numerical and algebraic), percent algebraic expressions, solutions of various types of first-degree equations, and some verbal problems. Other selected topics from algebra are also treated. S/U graded. [MS]

O Eop 13B Math II (0)

A terminal course in intermediate algebra with additional topics in trigonometry, logarithms and selected topics from analytic geometry. Mastery in solving linear and quadratic equations, graphing, and performing the fundamental operations with fractions, exponents, and radicals are included. The aim of this course is to prepare students for the math courses and math-related courses offered by the various departments at the University. S/U graded. [MS]

O Eop 13C Math III (0)

Another terminal course in trigonometry and pre-calculus topics. Satisfactory completion of the course will prepare the students for the Mathematics 101 sequence. Only offered in the summer to pre-college EOP students. S/U graded. [MS]


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