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University at Albany Undergraduate Bulletin - 2004-2005

Program In Broadcast Meteorlogy


The B.A. in Broadcast Meteorology is offered as an interdisciplinary study of significant breadth combining science and the arts. It is intended for students focused on a career in the media. Students electing this major will have the opportunity to combine their passion for meteorology with full development of their personal communication skills, both written and oral, appropriate to the intended career path. However, those students desiring an advanced, research-oriented degree in Atmospheric Science should pursue the B.S. degree instead. All students contemplating any of the curricula described herein should thoroughly discuss their options with the personnel of the Advisement Services Center (ASC) and an Atmospheric Science undergraduate adviser in the DEAS, before formal declaration of a specific major.
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Meteorology is a restricted major. For advisement purposes, students should initially declare the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences B.A. as their major; they can subsequently apply for the Broadcast Meteorology B.A. by December 1st of a fall semester, while enrolled in A Atm 210, or by May 1st of a spring semester, while enrolled in A Atm 211. A minimum grade of B- is required in both A Atm 211 and A Thr 240 for acceptance into this major.

Degree Requirements for the Major in Broadcast Meteorology

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.: A minimum of 60 credits for the combined major and minor including: A Atm 107N, 210/Z, 211, 305 or A Gog 304, A Atm 311, 335, 390, 408/B, 490, A Com 203, A Gog 290, 496, A Jrl 300/Z, either A Mat 101 and 111 or A Mat 112, A Phy 105N, 108N, A Thr 240, 242.

Non-required but Recommended Courses:

A Atm 304, A Csi 101, 201N, A Gog 210, 385, 414, 485, A Jrl 364/Z, A Mat 108, B Mgt 341, B Mkt 310, B Msi 215.

Class Key to the Broadcast Meteorology Major

Broadcast Meteorology B.A. core curriculum:

A Atm 107N; The Oceans (3)
A Atm 210/Z; Atmospheric Structure (4)
A Atm 211; Weather Analysis and Forecasting (4)
A Atm 305; Global Phys. Climatology (3) (or A Gog 304)
A Atm 311; Severe & Unusual Weather Forecasting (4)
A Atm 335; Meteorological Remote Sensing (3)
A Atm 390; Commercial Meteorology (2)
A Atm 408/B; Hydrometeorology (3)
A Atm 490; Internship in Atmospheric Science (2)
A Com 203; Speech Composition and Presentation (3)
A Gog 290; Introduction to Cartography (4)
A Gog 304; Climatology (3) (or A Atm 305)
A Gog 496; Geographic Information Systems (3)
A Jrl 300/Z; Introduction to Journalism (3)
A Mat 101; Algebra and Calculus I (3)plus
A Mat 111; Algebra and Calculus II (4) or A Mat 112. Calculus I (4)
A Phy 105N; General Physics I (3)
A Phy 108N; General Physics II (3)
A Thr 240, Acting I (3)
A Thr 242; Voice I (3)

Non-required but recommended courses:

A Atm 304; Air Quality (3)
A Csi 101; Elements of Computing (3)
A Csi 201N; Introduction to Computer Science (4)
A Gog 201; Environmental Analysis (3)
A Gog 385; Introduction to Remote Sensing Environ. (4)
A Gog 414; Computer Mapping (3)
A Gog 485; Advanced Remote Sensing of Environ. (3)
A Jrl 364Z; Science Journalism (3)
A Mat 108; Elementary Statistics (3)
A Mgt 341; Behavioral Foundations of Management (3)
A Mkt 310; Marketing Principles (3)
A Msi 215; Computer Applications in Business (3)

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