Undergraduate Bulletin, 1999-2000

University Library Courses

U Unl 205 Library Research (1)
Short course to acquaint students with the physical layout of the library, the Library of Congress classification scheme, subject headings, reference tools, periodical indexes, indexes and abstracts, government documents, information retrieval, search strategy processes, and compiling and annotating bibliographies. S/U graded. May not be offered during 1999-2000.

U Unl 489 Topics in Advanced Library Research (1)
Special topics course designed to provide students with a more sophisticated level of library skills than the basic U Unl 205 course, either through increased familiarity with reference sources of their particular discipline (e.g., humanities, social sciences, sciences) or through experience in using particular types of sources (e.g., government publications). May be repeated for credit when content differs. Prerequisite(s): U Unl 205 or permission of the instructor. May not be offered during 1999-2000.

University at Albany