Undergraduate Bulletin, 1999-2000

Courses in Finance

B Fin 300 Financial Management (3)
Introductory course that covers the basic concepts essential to a comprehensive understanding of financial management. Topics to be covered include valuation models, financial statement analysis, operating and financial leverage, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and working capital management. Prerequisite(s): B Acc 211.

B Fin 301 Corporate Financial Policy and Strategy (3)
Continuation of B Fin 300, focusing on the long-term financing decisions of the firm. Topics include a continuation of capital budgeting, capital structure impact and theory, dividend policy, sources of long-term financing, and leasing. Case course supplemented with a text and computer simulation with spreadsheet program. Prerequisite(s): B Fin 300.

B Fin 333 Investment Management (3)
Development of the fundamental approach to the valuation of securities. Examines the institutional environment in which investment decisions are made. Develops the concept of risk. Reviews contrasting theories of the behavior of securities prices. Introduction to the basic concepts of portfolio theory. Term project requiring written and oral presentation of a security analysis. Prerequisite(s): B Fin 300 and 301.

B Fin 375 Money and Capital Markets (3)
Rigorous examination of the U.S. financial system stressing the importance of financial markets, the nature and role of the financial system, and the significance of the banking system. Comprehensive description of major financial markets, financial securities, and market participants. Emphasizes the factors that influence the level and structure of interest rates, including monetary policy actions of the Federal Reserve System. Implications of current innovations and changes in regulations that affect the financial system. Prerequisite(s): B Fin 300.

B Fin 436Z International Financial Management (3)
General Education: WI
Designed to expose students to the problems faced by financial managers of multinational firms. The basics of currency risk will be discussed with emphasis on exchange rate determination and hedging practices. Elements of working capital management, capital budgeting, and financing aspects will be discussed in an international context. Includes lectures and case studies. Students will be required to prepare a paper dealing with an important aspect of international financial management. Prerequisite(s): B Fin 300 and 301.

B Fin 470Z Special Topics in Finance (3)
General Education: WI
Capstone course for the Financial Decisions Systems combined concentration. Integrates the tools and concepts developed in preceding management information systems and finance courses. In-depth background in credit analysis, bond issue structuring, yield spread analysis, and investment banking. Student applications of computer analysis to case studies involving financial concepts. Prerequisite(s): B Fin 333, 375.

B Fin 475Z Management of Financial Institutions (3)
General Education: WI
Comprehensive examination of the major financial institutions that comprise the U.S. financial system. The course focuses on the management concepts and issues central to all financial institutions, including asset- liability management, liquidity and capital management, and investment securities portfolio management. The management policies of commercial banks are emphasized. Management concepts are applied through case studies. Prerequisite(s): B Fin 300 and B Fin 375.

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