Undergraduate Bulletin, 1999-2000

Table of Contents

Fall 1999 Calendar
Spring 2000 Calendar
General Information
Undergraduate Admissions
Office of General Studies
Financial Aid
Estimated Costs
Student Affairs
Intensive English Language Program
Undergraduate Study
Honors, Awards, and Prizes
Undergraduate Academic Regulations
Requirements for Bachelor's Degree
Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses
General Education, Writing Program
Programs and Courses
University in High School Program
College of Arts and Sciences
   Africana Studies
   Art: Art History
   Asian Studies
   Biological Sciences
   Classics; Greek & Roman Civilization
   Computer Science
   Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
      Geological Sciences
      Atmospheric Science
   East Asian Studies
   Geography & Planning
   Judaic Studies
   Languages, Literatures & Cultures
      French Studies
      Hispanic & Italian Studies
      Slavic & Eurasian Studies
   Latin American & Caribbean Studies
   Linguistics & Cognitive Science
   Mathematics & Statistics
   Medieval & Renaissance Studies
   Religious Studies
   Russian & East European Studies
   Social Studies
   Women's Studies
School of Business
School of Education
Educational Opportunities Program
Office of International Programs
School of Public Health
Nelson A. Rockefeller College
   School of Criminal Justice
   School of Information Science & Policy
   Graduate School of Public Affairs
      Political Science
      Public Administration & Policy
   School of Social Welfare
General Education Honors Program
University-Wide Courses, Internships
Project Renaissance
Faculty Awards
State University of New York
Campus Map

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