Russian and East European Studies Program

Program Director
Distinguished Service Professor

Ernest A. Scatton
Slavic and Eurasian Studies

The major in Russian and East European Studies offers interdisciplinary training, including necessary language skills, in a critically important geographic area. Three concentrations are available: (1) History, (2) Political Science, (3) Soviet Russia. The major provides excellent preparation for post-graduate work in Russian and East European studies, international law, business, education, foreign affairs and public administration, as well as for professional careers in public or private organizations involved in international activities.

B.A.: Concentration in History
A total of 36 credits as follows:

Russian Civilization (A Rus 161 or 161Z) 3 credits

History — 21 credits
      A His 352 or 352Z & A His 353 or 353Z 6 credits
      A His 354 or 354Z & A His 355 or 355Z 6 credits
      A His 483 or 483Z (colloquium) 3 credits

Electives within the concentration
      A His 360 or 360Z, 463 or 463Z, 481 or 481Z
      (when topic is relevant)
      A His 483 or 483Z (repeatable for credit as an elective),
      A His 485 or 485Z (when topic is relevant), 6 credits

      Related courses —9 credits
      as advised from disciplines other than history.

      Senior seminar (A Res 498 or 498Z) — 3 credits.

B.A.: Concentration in Political Science
A total of 36 credits including: Political Science — 21 credits

R Pos 102M, 370, and 371 — 9 credits

Two courses from: R Pos 354, 356, 452Z — 6 credits

Elective: 6 credits of Political Science as advised

Related courses — 9 credits

Selected from A Eco 440 or 440Z, A Gog371, A His 352 or 352Z, A His 353, or 353Z A His 354 or 354Z, A His 355 or 355Z, A His 360 or 360Z

Senior seminar (A Res 498 or 498Z)-3 credits

B.A. Concentration in Soviet Russia
A minimum of 35 credits including:
Geography (A Gog 371) — 3 credits

History (A His 354 or 354Z, 355 or 355Z) — 6 credits

Language — 8 to 10 credits as advised

Literature (A Rus 252L, 253L) — 6 credits

Political Science (R Pos 354, 356) — 6 credits

Senior seminar (A Res 498 or 498Z) —3 credits

Students with this concentration are advised to complete a minor in history, political science, Russian language, or Russian literature in translation.


A Res 498Z Senior Seminar in Russian and East European Studies (3)
Meets General Education: WI
Senior research project done under the direction of a faculty member participating in the Russian and East European Studies Program. A reading knowledge of one European language, preferably East European, is highly recommended.

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