Undergraduate Student Successes

Awards received by UAlbany physics majors:

  • Ali Chaudry, 2011 Provost's Award in Undergraduate Research
  • Nicole Wallack, 2016 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence

Many undergraduate students involved in research publish their work before graduation. Publications of UAlbany undergraduate students an be found here.


In the last few years several UAlbany physics majors successfully completed REU programs:

  • Michael Dolce (2016, Brookhaven National Lab)
  • Ashley Chontos (2015, Stanford University)
  • Nicole Wallack (2015, Cornell University)
  • Nicole Wallack (2013, 2014, American Museum of Natural History)
  • Thomas Yocono (2014, Stony Brook University)
  • Eric Dohner (2013, University at Albany)
  • Carisa Miller (2013, University of Washington)
  • Steven Young (2013, University of Wisconsin)
  • April Jeffries (2011, University of Nevada)
  • Maggie Lovell (2010,2011, National Institute of Standards and Technology)


In the last few years several graduates of UAlbany Physics Department entered graduate schools:


  • Bertrand Carado (University at Albany)
  • Ashley Chontos (University of Hawaii)
  • Jack Genovesi (SD School of Mines)
  • Nicole Wallack (Caltech)


  • Nick Carrara (University at Albany)
  • Xinzhong Chen (Stony Brook University)
  • Eric Dohner (University at Albany)
  • Sean Fallon (University at Albany)
  • Ryan Hood (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  • Thomas Yocono (Stony Brook University)


  • Sam Agnello (University of Rochester)
  • Anneliese Antonucci (Ohio State University)
  • Carisa Miller (University of North Carolina)
  • Chris Myers (University at Albany)
  • Cody Schlafer (North Carolina State University)
  • Steven Young (University at Albany)
  • Yexin Zheng (Polymer Science, University of Akron)


  • Daniil Gladkov (University of Oregon)
  • David Jenkins (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Ryan Richards (Stony Brook University)
  • Zachary Richards (University at Albany)
  • Stephanie Racz (University at Albany)
  • Seth Shapiro (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Jared Spaulding (University at Albany)
  • Vicky Tang (University at Albany)


  • Troy Broderick (University at Albany)
  • Kate Burleson-Lesser (CUNY)
  • Christopher Coronel (SUNY Binghampton)
  • April Jeffries (Arizona State University)
  • Jessica Kim (University at Albany)
  • Mathew Wright (University at Albany)
  • Kevin Wynne (University at Albany)