Undergraduate Programs in Biology

As a student in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University at Albany, you’ll choose to pursue one of three unique undergraduate degree programs:

Student working in a biotech lab

Our Bachelor of Science program provides you with a strong background for further study in graduate or medical school or can prepare you for a career in secondary school teaching or one of the growing number of technical, government, and healthcare occupations that demand a comprehensive biology education.

Studnet takingnotes at a workbench as others talk in the background.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Biology provides an opportunity to pursue a more typical liberal arts education while still receiving solid training in biology.  Students can incorporate a greater variety of classes from other University departments and often work towards a double major.

Student Looking through a microscope

This degree will prepare you to pursue a career as a researcher in an academic or industrial setting and can provide a strong foundation to pursue further study in a graduate or professional school.