CURCE Ambassadors

The CURCE Ambassadors are an important part of the CURCE Team.  They provide support at events and workshops, help develop new ideas for programs and services, and represent CURCE throughout the year.

If you have questions, please email [email protected]

CURCE Ambassadors 2020-2021

Habib A., Computer Science & Applied Mathematics

Habib is a volunteer photographer/intern working with the Program in Writing and Critical Inquiry at UAlbany since the fall of 2018. He has documented many of the department's events such as talks, award ceremonies, and the Film Festival and Lecture Series. He is also the current Photo Editor of the Albany Student Press. He has also been working on a research project with Professor Petko Bogdanov from the Computer Science Department to create a mobile application that can help spread emergency information in places with low cell service/internet connection.

George H., Physics

George is currently doing undergraduate research with Dr. Szydagis and the Snowball Chamber. In April 2020, he presented at the 17th Annual Conference hosted by CURCE. His presentation was title "The Snowball Chamber: An Analysis of the Ideal Conditions to Supercool Water for the Development of a New Generation of Particle Detectors." He was also elected to be the Physics and Environment LLC World Ambassador.

Julie J., Psychology

Julie has worked in various Industrial/Organizational Psychology Labs since 2019 including with Dr. Lisa Baranik and Dr. Jason Randall here at UAlbany, as well as in the Happiness Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has also worked as a Peer Career Advisor and a POET (Honors College Orientation Leader), which have allowed her opportunities to engage with other students to find their interests.

Maisy N.-B., Public Policy and Administration

Maisy was recently accepted as an AmeriCorps summer Fellow where she will engage in community based action research on food justice and community resilience during global crisis at Radix Ecological Sustainability Center. She is also an intern at the UAlbany Sustainability Office where she researches and analyzes university documents on ecology, environmentalism, and sustainability. This past year she presented her work at the UAlbany Student Conference on how UAlbany embodies the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Marisa H., History

Marissa recently presented her research on historic headstones in the Hudson Valley and the significance in their design at the UAlbany Student Showcase. She continues to pursue this work while also holding the position of secretary for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Niara N., Chemistry with a Forensic Chemistry emphasis

Niara first got research experience through University at Albany's UHS program. She did research in the Neuroscience department at Mount Sinai Hospital for two summers, where she researched the effects of prenatal THC exposure on gene expression. Eager to continue doing research, Niara started working with the Lednev Lab in the Chemistry department the summer before freshman year. Niara still works with the lab group, where she uses Raman Spectroscopy to identify body fluids for forensic and biomedical purposes. Niara has volunteered as a CURCE ambassador since 2018.

Stephany S., Public Health

Stephany is a member of Albany Birth Justice Storytellers Research Team. As a listener, she works towards understanding Black birthing disparities in the Albany area through photo voice narratives and transformative storytelling. The project spans between the entirety of the 2019-20 school year and will culminate in a public community screening of photovoice narratives. Stephany and the Albany Birth Justice Storytellers Research Team has received two CURCE Accelerator Grants (Spring 2019, Fall 2019) to support their project. Stephany has volunteered as a CURCE ambassador since 2019.

Thal B., Political Science & History

Thal is currently working on a research paper about the Coronavirus and how China and Pakistan have been impacted. She is interested in exploring what makes the country of China unique.

Zerah I., Biology

Zerah has been working in the Poulos Lab studying the development of the neural fear circuit in the basal lateral amygdala and the hippocampus in female rats at pre-adolescence, adolescence, adulthood, and late adulthood. Zerah has been a CURCE Ambassador since 2019.