CURCE Ambassadors

The CURCE Ambassadors are an important part of the CURCE Team.  They provide support at events and workshops, help develop new ideas for programs and services, and represent CURCE throughout the year.

If you have questions, please email [email protected]

CURCE Ambassadors 2021-2022


 Sadena A., Psychology & Communication

Student presenting research with image of two females

Sadena is currently an undergraduate senior and research assistant in the Child and Family Experiences Lab. In past years, Sadena has presented a poster presentation on the sympathetic nervous system and it’s relation to childhood parental psychological aggression and children’s portrayal of aggressive behaviors and later worked on a manuscript regarding the study. Sadena has also had the opportunity to work on an independent study doing a cross cultural examination of Afghanistan and Afghan-Americans to make psychosocial connections. Currently, Sadena is assisting on a systematic review with a graduate student in the Child and Family Experiences Lab and plans to partake in an independent study to expand on topics explored in the lab.

Luci B., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Student smiling outside in a rural setting

Luci is currently preparing for a professional career by bolstering her writing portfolio and looking at internships. Luci engaged in research on biofuels as a biochemistry major in the past.

Areej C., Biology

Student wearing black glasses

Areej is currently working at Albany Medical Hospital and doing undergraduate research with Dr. Wang on hydroamination reactions.

student smiling with a yellow background

George H., Physics

George is currently doing undergraduate research with Dr. Szydagis and the Snowball Chamber. In April 2020, he presented at the 17th Annual Conference hosted by CURCE. His presentation was title "The Snowball Chamber: An Analysis of the Ideal Conditions to Supercool Water for the Development of a New Generation of Particle Detectors."

student standing outside by a tree with red leaves

Julie J., Psychology

Julie is a senior Honors Psychology Major with minors in Leadership & International Studies. Julie works in the Randall Research Lab for Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is currently completing her Honors Thesis on Building Resilience.

Bri N., Medieval and Renaissance Studies & Art History

Student standing in a body of water wearing gray pants and a black shirt

Bri Hill is a junior Art History and Medieval Renaissance double major with minors in Judaic Studies and English. Bri is currently a research assistant for the Anthropology department, where she does data entry of Scottish church records from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her previous research assistantship was with the Center for Policy Research where she studied terrorism. She is also finishing up on research about the connections between Witchcraft trials and economic status in Early Modern England and the United States. Bri has received CURCE funding for this research, which she hopes to use to travel to Salem, Massachusetts and look at museum archives. She plans her next research project to be about Korean Christianity in the modern period. Bri is from Guilderland, New York, and she currently lives in the Schenectady area with her partner and two adorably needy kitties.

Maha M., Biology

Student wearing a tan head scarf

Maha’s research focuses on the effects of certain disease causing conditions (alcohol, etc.) on the Notch Signaling response in nematodes. Nematodes, also known as C. elegans, are really helpful models to use because they possess similar conserved genes as humans. Therefore studying the effects of these conditions on the Notch response in C. elegans can help us better understand the effects of these conditions in humans!

Amanda S., Psychology & Criminal Justice

Student standing with left hand on hip wearing a teal dress in front of a large hedge

Amanda is an undergraduate research assistant volunteering in the PULSE Lab. She is also working on her Psychology Honor's thesis with Dr. Najdowski.

Amal S., English & Biology

Student wearing sunglasses sitting outside smiling

Amal’s research focuses on the disparities or inequalities that are present amongst the health care field, specifically towards adolescents in the United States that need asthma care.