Who is Eligible to Enroll?

UHS courses are considered University-level courses. UHS courses match the rigor of their campus counterparts and typically, only juniors and seniors with an average of B or better are eligible to register. Students seeking to enroll should have the requisite preparation and a full understanding and appreciation of the challenges of a university course. In exceptional cases, at the discretion of the Staff Assistant for Registration and Enrollment and the appropriate department liaison, sophomores with advanced academic standing may also register. In order to determine a sophomore’s eligibility, a letter of support from the student’s school counseling office and teacher must accompany the request for sophomore registration. A copy of the student’s high school transcript must also be provided to the UHS Office for review. Notification with registration materials will be returned to the teacher if a sophomore does not qualify. Students are not eligible to register for Science Research courses until the summer prior to their junior year. Freshmen are not eligible to register for any UHS Program courses.

Students who register for courses through the UHS Program are subject to the same academic expectations as students at the University at Albany campus. Recorded student grades for all courses result in a permanent academic record at the University.