Procedures for New Course Approvals

The UHS Program allows for flexibility in teaching style and presentation as applied to faculty on campus, and encourages individual classroom initiatives. However, the approval process through which courses and teachers are carefully scrutinized before being admitted into the UHS Program is standardized, thorough and consistent with SUNY System Administration guidelines on credit courses in high schools.

Pursuant to revised SUNY System Administration policy, and in cooperation with SUNY colleges and universities throughout the state, any inquiries from high school principals, teachers, or school counselors regarding new course offerings received by the UHS Program must be referred, if applicable, to the local SUNY affiliate in whose service area the high school is located. If such institution has the capacity and is willing to offer the course(s) in question, the UHS Program is obligated to withdraw from any further discussions. If there is conflict between the high school and the SUNY college or university regarding arrangements for the course offering, the conflict must be submitted to the SUNY System Administration Provost for final resolution.

If the SUNY college or university in whose service-area the high school resides does not or is not willing to offer the course(s) in question and grants permission, then approval from the college/university must be put in writing by an appropriate official and forwarded to the UHS Program Office (Service Area Concurrence Forms are on file in the UHS Office, but a letter directly from the college or university will also suffice, as long as the information contained in the form is included). Once such a waiver/approval has been received, the UHS Program can begin to enter into discussion with the high school official regarding course possibilities.

Once course offerings have been decided upon, course guidelines (designed by the respective departments at the University), sample syllabi, General Education Learning Objectives and Outcomes * , and a variety of course materials used on campus for each specific course will be sent to the high school. A Course Proposal Sheet and syllabus guidelines detailing the materials required for inclusion in a new course proposal will also be sent. Once completed, new course proposal materials should then be sent to the UHS Office for further processing.

* Effective Fall 2000, New General Education degree requirements were implemented for all baccalaureate degree students at SUNY colleges and universities. The General Education Guidelines mandated by SUNY include ten Knowledge and Skill areas and two Competencies. Each SUNY degree-seeking student will be required to complete course-work in the above-mentioned areas to acquire the competencies infused within the approved General Education courses that are taken. For courses meeting General Education Program requirements at the University at Albany, please visit the General Education website.  All applicable UHS courses should incorporate the learning outcomes described for each particular course listed on the General Education website.

After initial review by the UHS Office, the proposal is then forwarded to the appropriate departmental liaison on campus who either evaluates the submitted documentation individually or gathers comments from pertinent others in the department. It is then determined whether or not the proposed curriculum meets University at Albany standards for the same course as taught on campus. A determination is also made regarding the qualifications of the high school teacher who will teach the particular University-level course ( see Voluntary Adjunct Faculty Status). A site visit may be performed prior to approval. If and when the curriculum is approved and the teacher is deemed academically qualified to teach the course for University credit, the proposal is then forwarded to the Dean of Arts and Sciences for review. If and when approval from the Dean of Arts and Sciences is obtained the proposal is then sent to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for final administrative approval. If final approval is received, the UHS Office will notify the high school in writing of the proposal’s acceptance, the teacher’s appointment as voluntary adjunct faculty at the University at Albany and the process for registering students.

Generally, the entire approval may take several months, depending on the time of year and the quality and complexity of the submitted proposal. Proposals submitted in the spring may not be reviewed until the fall, as some University liaisons/faculty are on recess over the summer. While high schools may inform students and their parents that they have submitted a proposal to the University in the High School Program, neither should be led to believe that approval is guaranteed. Approval must be received in writing from the UHS Office before a course is considered available for student registration . Retroactive enrollments are not permitted.

Please note that individual departments on campus can and do set their own standards for approval of course content. Departments also make assessments based on internal departmental requirements in regard to the academic qualifications necessary to teach University-level courses in their respective academic disciplines. Acceptance into the UHS Program is subject to approval based on academic standards established by the individual departments. UHS faculty liaisons monitor these standards by making periodic classroom visits and can request changes/adjustments to the curriculum/teacher at any time deemed necessary by the UHS Program and Liaisons.

If you are interested in offering courses through the University in the High School Program, please send an e-mail to with your name, high school, and the specific courses you are interested in offering.  We will contact you with the specific steps necessary to begin the course approval process.