Counselor's Corner

Welcome to another exciting year with the University in the High School Program!  As always, we look forward to working with you to provide opportunities for academic excellence to students throughout the year.

Below you will find documents relevant to students' participation in the UHS Program. Materials are password protected. Please contact the UHS Office for the password.

~ COVID-19 Information for UHS Faculty ~

Final Exams

With regard to final exams, we are aware that in some cases instructors will not be able to give the exact final assessment (project, exam, etc.) that they originally intended to give. You may replace your original final exam/project with an alternative assessment if necessary. Teachers are permitted to use their discretion and decide what kinds of assessments they will use in place of the final exam (e.g., projects, presentations, papers, videos, open book tests, etc.). Keep in mind that your alternative assessments should still assess students’ mastery of the skills, content, and objectives of the course.

Meeting Course Objectives

UHS teachers should seek to ensure that course objectives continue to be met, documenting the expected number of remote contact hours given the revised format. UHS teachers of lab courses should use JoVE or other tools allowing them to engage students in data analysis or related activities remotely in order for students to complete the lab portions of their courses. If there is a concern with course objectives or contact hours possibly not being met for any UHS course, the UHS office should be contacted at UHS will seek to work with the school/teacher as needed.
Instructors should also indicate (via email to how they plan to evaluate attendance/absences (remotely), e.g., by engaging students online for a designated activity or period of time.

Course Evaluations

UHS liaisons will continue (virtually) evaluating existing courses that are on schedule for visits, including courses currently in the approval process.

Academic Integrity

If teachers suspect that there has been a violation of academic integrity, they should address the concern consistent with the handling of such concerns at the University at Albany. The UHS office can be contacted for guidance as needed.

Unavailable Internet Access In Student's Area

If a student does not have internet because it is unavailable in the student’s area, UHS would need to know how the school is handling this concern. If the school is unable to address the concern, the UHS office should be contacted. (Teachers will be expected to work with students accordingly on a remote learning plan that does not require internet access.)

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Policy & Procedure Manual

Policy & Procedure Manual

All teachers/schools are required to familiarize themselves with the contents of the manual each year. It is imperative that you understand the rules under which the Program operates and are able to explain them to your students.

Request a Transcript

Students should not request their transcripts for the particular session in which they are enrolled until one week after the grading deadline for the session.  

Any student attending another college or university will need to have a copy of his/her official University at Albany transcript sent to the institution in question in order to have it considered for transfer credit. Complete details for ordering an official transcript can be obtained by contacting the Registrar's Office at (518) 442-5540.