Approval Process

The Science Research courses offered through the University in the High School Program are derived from a unique research initiative overseen by Mr. Len Behr of the University at Albany. Completing an approved training workshop is a required first step for gaining admission into the UHS Program. Once that has been done, teachers must request approval for their science research course curricula by sending a letter to the UHS office stating, in effect, that the workshop has been completed and that they agree to follow the guidelines of the Science Research Program as specified by Mr. Behr. The resume and training certificate of the high school teacher who will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating students choosing to earn UHS credit must accompany any request for admission into the UHS Program.

Registration materials for enrollments and other pertinent information relating to the UHS Program are sent to teachers at the high school in September. Summer registration materials are sent to the high schools in May. Please be advised that students must have a mentor in place before registering for a science research course. Also, students are eligible to register only after written approval for admission into the Program has been received by the high school teacher. Retroactive enrollment for student research work done prior to official admission into UHS is not allowed and should not be anticipated.

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Four separate science research courses have been approved to be offered through the UHS Program.  They are intended for juniors and seniors only.  The courses are:

CAS 109 - Intermediate Science Research (2 credits, July - August) - Juniors

CAS 110 - Intermediate Methods of Research (4 credits, September - June) - Juniors

CAS 209 - Advanced Science Research (2 credits, July - August) - Seniors

CAS 210 - Advanced Methods of Research (4 credits, September - June) - Seniors

Please note that two of the courses are offered only during the summer.  These are the only summer courses offered through the UHS Program.

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