Program Fee

All students are required to submit payment with their online Applications. 

The UHS Program Fee, as compared to on-campus tuition and fees at the University at Albany, is quite reasonable.  The same courses on campus cost between $270 and $3,264/course plus fees.  This provides significant savings to students and their families.

The UHS Program does not charge "tuition." Students are charged a Program Fee and the Program Fee is not deductible for tax purposes. Therefore, the University does not send students a 1098-T form for tax credit.      

Fees for the 2019-2020 School Year

Full Program Fee - $160.00 per course, regardless of the number of credits awarded for the course.  Students taking courses with a lab component will be responsible for the applicable program fee for the lab and for the course.

Reduced Program Fee - $80.00 per course, regardless of the number of credits awarded for the course.   Before applying and paying online, a “promotional code” will be provided to teachers for those students who are eligible or who participate in the Federal Reduced/Free Lunch Program.    Students who qualify for the Federal Reduced/Free Lunch Program must have the bottom of their enrollment forms signed by their Principal or School Counselor verifying that they are eligible for a reduction in the Program Fee.   

Late Program Fee - $185.00 or $105 (Reduced Program Fee) per course, regardless of the number of credits awarded for the course.  The dates when the Late Program Fee will apply can be found in the Student/Parent Guide.

Replacement Enrollment Form Fee/ Incomplete Enrollment Fee - $25 per course, if a replacement enrollment form is needed or if a form is received incomplete.  Replacement enrollment forms can be generated by returning to the online application and submitting a payment of $25 for a replacement enrollment form fee.       

Outstanding Balances - Students will not be registered for any additional courses unless they meet the following criteria: they must pay the outstanding balance and return the new enrollment form(s) with applicable fees for the new course(s) by the deadline for registration of the particular session in question. Registration is the sole responsibility of the student. Outstanding financial liabilities are subject to collection by the New York State Attorney General’s Office or other collection agencies. Students with outstanding balances will have a hold placed on their account and may be subject to additional fees as deemed necessary by the University’s Office of Student Accounts.