SUNYCard Services

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Your SUNYCard is very versatile and important to your daily life on campus. You use your card for many purposes. The SUNYCard allows access to:
  • Your residence hall
  • Your meal plan
  • Your Munch Money
  • Your Podium account
  • Your Campus Gold account
  • Your Faculty and Staff Dining Plan
  • Vending Machines
  • Shop24
  • Bus Services
  • Library Services


If you misplace, lose or believe your SUNYCard has been stolen, you must deactivate it as soon as possible. The person to whom a SUNYCard has been issued is responsible for keeping their card secure and is liable for all activity on the SUNYCard until it is deactivated.

Your SUNYCard gives you access to your residential housing and all your campus funds (i.e., meal plan, Munch Money, Podium, Campus Gold etc), so think of your card as if it is your 'house' key and credit card - combined!

For your protection and safety, your SUNYCard can be used by only you. Cashiers who accept SUNYCard as a form of payment will verify that the card belongs to the person making the purchase and will not accept a SUNYCard as a form of payment if the photo on the card does not match the person using the card. Additionally, cashiers may require a second form of photo identification for purchases made with a SUNYCard or credit card.

Purchases made with your SUNYCard that exceed $25 will require a second form of picture identification.

Refunds are not provided for money or meals fraudulently spent on a SUNYCard.

Any department or organization that accepts your SUNYCard as a form of payment, verification, or access to events or services has the right to confiscate your card if the card does not belong to the person using the card. Confiscated cards will not be returned to the original card holder.  Anyone involved in the fraudulent use of a SUNYCard is subject to card replacement costs, and may be subject to conduct review and University policies.

Manage your SUNYCard

To manage your SUNYCard use GET: SUNYCard Online Services. You will be able to activate and deactivate a lost SUNYCard, add funds to accounts, send money requests and receive money from family and friends.

SUNYCard Services

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