Karina Spar, A Success in Any Language

Karina Spar, B.A.’94

A Success in Any Language

By Amy Halloran, B.A.’90

UAlbany’s diversity and sense of community prepared Karina Spar for her career. “I encounter so many different people and cultures in my daily life and feel fortunate to have been exposed to them early on,” she says of her work as senior vice president, International Licensing, for Tommy Hilfiger.

Spar traces her success to her major in Spanish. Professor Armand Baker, then head of the Spanish department, had a way of making students want to go to class and learn something new. He encouraged Spar to continue to develop her language skills. These helped her land her first job as an administrative assistant in the international division of a fashion company.

Spar recalls a lot of advantages in her education and says UAlbany’s scale promoted a healthy sense of competition.

“Working at big companies, you have to navigate a lot of different people and personalities,” Spar reflects. “Attending a large university helps you to be able to find your way and become resourceful.”

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