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Alumni Association

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Managed by Alumni Association

Alumni Association Spirit Scholarship
Awarded to three UAlbany students who demonstrate outstanding school spirit and commitment to the University and its students.

Bertha Brimmer Legacy Scholarship
Awarded to a current or incoming legacy freshman or legacy transfer student.  A legacy is a child or grandchild of an alumnus/a.

Class of 1972 Scholarship
Awarded to a graduating UAlbany senior planning to enter full-time graduate study at the University during the next academic year.

Agnes E. Futterer Memorial Fellowship
Awarded to a UAlbany senior entering graduate study in theatre or a theatre-related field
at UAlbany or any other accredited institution or recognized theatre program.

Albert N. Husted Fellowship
Awarded to a UAlbany senior planning for full-time graduate study in any area of study at the University or any other accredited university.

Adna W. Risley Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a UAlbany senior or graduate student pursuing a graduate degree in history.