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Initiatives for Women

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Louise C. and Earl M. Applegate Fund
Established by Meredith Butler, past Dean and Director of the University Libraries, in honor of her parents, this fund provides general support for the enhancement of educational and career opportunities for women at the University at Albany.

Barlow Family IFW Award
Established by Professor Judith Barlow, this fund provides education and career opportunities for women students and staff at the University at Albany.

Michael A. Boots Award
Generously established by Michael A. Boots, this award recognizes students, preferably female, who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at UAlbany and who have distinguished themselves in all sectors of campus life. This endowment was established in memory of Shirley Boots, Angela Germano, Madeline Proler, and Barbra Spagnola. It is also in honor of Susan Axelord, Eileen Boots, Meredith Butler, Amy Carroll Coumonduros, Gloria DeSole, Susan Kaplow, Cecilia Lauenstein, Ann Mataraso, Carol Morgan, Kathy Parisian, Libby Post, Janet Riker, Christina Sebastian and Kathryn Zox.

Christine E. Bose and Edna Acosta-Belen IFW Feminist Research Award
Established by Professor Christine E. Bose in 1999, this award provides partial support of thesis or dissertation expenses on a feminist research topic in any social science or humanities discipline, or in social policy research. Special consideration will be given to topics in the areas of the donors’ professional interests including Latinas in the US, women and work, or feminist and gay social movements.

Gloria R. DeSole Fund for IFW

Established in honor of Gloria DeSole, a leading educator and administrator at UAlbany, this fund provides for the enhancement of educational and career opportunities for women at the University at Albany. First preference will be given to women of color and women with disabilities.

Ford Foundation IFW Women in Science Fellowship

Funds from the Ford Foundation will be used for graduate fellowships for women pursuing careers in the physical sciences.

Judy L. Genshaft IFW Award
Established in honor of Judy Genshaft, past Provost at UAlbany, this fund provides support for a woman faculty or staff member to participate in professional development, preferably through a seminar, workshop or institute, for candidates who are seeking a career in higher education administration.

Haynes-Davis Memorial Award
Established by Cynthia Scott '73 in memory of her grandmothers, the purpose of this scholarship is to support women students who demonstrate financial need.
Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontiers IFW Fund
Established by the colleagues and friends of sixteenth UAlbany president Karen R. Hitchcock, this fund provides support for doctoral-level women students at the University who show great promise of making a positive, transformational difference in our society. Demonstration of financial need is required.

Honoring Our Mothers Fund

This fund was established by a number of donors to IFW to provide support for the enhancement of educational and career opportunities for mothers who are students or employees at the University at Albany. It is to be awarded through the Initiatives for Women program, and recipients must demonstrate financial need.
Initiatives For Women Endowment Award
Provides for the enhancement of educational and career opportunities for women students, faculty and staff.

Shirley J. Jones Opportunity Fund
Established by Professor Shirley Jones, this fund provides support to a student, preferably African-American woman student, who is pursuing a doctoral degree. Recipients must demonstrate financial need as well as characteristics of a change agent (e.g. proactive, creative, innovative, willing to take appropriate risks and challenges, advocates for social justice, etc.)

Bernice Mosbey Peebles ’39 Scholarship

This fund, established by Bernice Peebles, provides support for a deserving undergraduate or graduate student, first preference being woman of color, who is preparing for a career in teaching. Special consideration will be given to women who demonstrate both academic merit and financial need.

Physicians’ Endowment Fund for IFW

Established by Maureen Archambault, MD, Martha Lepow, MD and Laura Staff '86, MD, this fund provides support for an undergraduate woman who is completing, or will complete, pre-med studies at UAlbany, with the intention of attending medical school.

Susan Van Horn Shipherd '64 Women in Science Scholarship

This scholarship, established by Susan Shipherd, provides support for an undergraduate or graduate student, preferably female, whose formal academic studies in the areas of science are in preparation for a career in that field.  The recipient should be in good academic standing, should demonstrate financial need and have a record of academic excellence.

IFW Women and Technology Award
Provides support for University women (students, faculty and staff) who are United States citizens and who are pursuing studies or advancement in a computer technology field. The recipient(s) must demonstrate financial need, and preference will be given to those pursuing technical development rather than applications use. Established by Kathy Turek and other donors to IFW.