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C. Luther and Kathlyn C. Andrews Teaching Assistant(s) of the Year
Award in Physics

Established in memory of professor, and former Department of Physics Chair, Dr. C. Luther Andrews, who began his career at the New York State College for Teachers in 1931, and served as a professor and Chair of the Department of Physics from 1944 until his retirement in 1969, this award is made to recognize outstanding teaching assistants.

Dr. Clinton Ray Carpenter Community College Physics Teacher Scholarship
Established by Dr. Clinton Ray Carpenter ’57, M.S. ’58, Ph.D. ’73, this scholarship provides support for graduate student(s) who are candidates for either a master’s degree or doctoral degree in Physics, and who intend to become a community college physics teacher.

Dr. Clinton Ray Carpenter Community College Physics & Engineering Scholarship Fund

Generously established by Dr. Clinton Ray Carpenter, this fund will provide scholarship support for an undergraduate student who is majoring in Physics or Engineering (when established) and who has transferred to UAlbany from a community college’s Physics or Engineering program (first preference is Mohawk Valley Community College, then another community college within NYS.) Recipients must demonstrate both academic achievement and financial need.

Class of 1905 Bazzoni Fellowship
Established by Charles Bazzoni in his memory and that of his wife, Edith Vera Bazzoni, both of the Class of 1905. This fellowship is awarded for outstanding achievement in the natural sciences.

Professor Tara Prasad Das Physics Endowment
Established to honor Professor Tara Prasad Das, this fund will provide support to a UAlbany’s Physics Department for a graduate student summer award. Student recipients shall be identified based on financial need and academic achievement.

Virginia and Lori DeSorbo Scholarship for Physics
This scholarship, established by Lou DeSorbo and named in honor of his grandmother (Virginia) and wife (Lori), provides support to master’s or Ph.D. level students pursuing a degree through the Department of Physics. First preference for this scholarship is for recipients who hail from the Capital Region of New York State and demonstrate financial need.

Allen Dudley Jones Memorial Fund
Established in memory of Allen Dudley Jones, who received his degree in Physics from the University at Albany in 1967, this fund provides annual fellowship stipends to graduate students in the Department of Physics.

Anne Rebecca Oliver Memorial Scholarship
Given in memory of Professor Anne Rebecca Oliver (Physics), this scholarship is awarded for outstanding achievement in the Department of Physics.