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Biodiversity, Conservation and Policy Scholarship
This scholarship provides support for UAlbany students who are pursuing their graduate degree within the College of Arts & Sciences’ Biodiversity, Conservation and Policy Program.

Glenn L. Bumpus Award
Established in memory of Glenn Bumpus ’75, a brilliant student, tireless teacher, devoted friend and loving son, this award is intended to recognize excellence among the student of the biological sciences in the performance and communication of outstanding undergraduate research and future promise as a professional biologist.

Arvid J. and Mary A. Burke Fellowship
Established by Professor Emeritus of Education Arvid Burke, B.A. ’28 and Mrs. Burke, this fellowship is awarded to a graduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences to foster advanced study and research on molecular and cellular biology.

Class of 1905 Bazzoni Fellowship
Established by Charles Bazzoni in his memory and that of his wife, Edith Vera Bazzoni, both of the Class of 1905. This fellowship is awarded for outstanding achievement in the natural sciences.

Helga Karker, M.S. ’75 Scholarship

Established by Helga Karker, M.S. ’75, who spent 33 years as a teacher and school psychologist before retiring in 1988, this fund provides an annual scholarship to support a student with demonstrated financial need; who is pursuing a degree in Biodiversity, Conservation and Policy; with preference given to a female student.

Lee Family Biodiversity Endowment

This endowed fund was generously established to provide research grants to graduate students enrolled in the Biodiversity, Conservation & Policy Program.

S. Peter and Anne Marfey Endowment
Established by Professor Anne Marfey in memory of her late husband, Professor S. Peter Marfey (Biological Sciences); and by Ms. Christina Marfey and Mr. Johan Marfey, in memory of their late father. Dr. Marfey passed away in 1994. The Marfey Endowment provides grants to graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences engaged in the study of Biological Chemistry. The awards are intended to assist students in purchasing books required for their graduate program.

Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship
This fund was established by Lawrence and Marie Shore to enhance the educational mission
of the University at Albany through the provision of an annual graduate scholarship to a
student pursuing a degree within the Life Sciences: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Psychology or the Forensic Sciences. Recipients should demonstrate financial need and academic achievement.

Dr. Margaret M. Stewart Biodiversity Fund
This fund was established by Dr. Margaret M. Stewart who joined the UAlbany Department of Biology in 1956, and who, prior to her retirement in 1997, championed the launch of the Biodiversity, Conservation, and Policy Program. The Stewart Biodiversity Fund was created to support graduate fellowships/assistantships, research grants to students, sponsorship of seminars, symposia and publications, and other activities designed to promote the objectives of the Biodiversity, Conservation and Policy Program.

Katherine Vario Endowed Scholarship

This fund was established by the Vario family in memory of their daughter Katherine, a student at the University. This scholarship is awarded to a student, preferably a woman, entering her senior year who is preparing for medical or dental school.