The Charitable Gift Annuity Program

The University at Albany Foundation (UAF) offers a charitable gift annuity program for donors interested in life income arrangements and for those colleges and universities within the SUNY system who do not manage or administer their own program. UAF approves the establishment of each gift annuity on a case-by-case basis and is not obligated to accept all inquiries. (refer to Disclosure Statement)

General Description

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between a charity and a donor. The charity agrees to pay the donor (and/or one other person named by the donor) a lifetime annual income in return for a gift of cash or securities. The payment may continue for the life of a second individual, such as a spouse. The annual payment is a fixed sum, the amount of which is based on the size of the gift and the number and ages of the beneficiaries. Upon the death(s) of all beneficiaries, the residuum proceeds go to the SUNY campus as directed by the donor.

Gift annuities issued in New York State shall comply with New York state law and meet the disclosure requirements under the Philanthropy Protection Act of 1995.


  1. The charitable gift annuity is a contract between The University at Albany Foundation (UAF) and the donor, with an addendum to the contract outlining the designation of the charitable gift annuity proceeds upon its termination. This designation will name the SUNY campus to which the residuum will be directed. Click on the link above to complete the Proceeds Instruction Form as part of the gift annuity contract.
  2. The minimum amount for an annuity agreement is $10,000.00.
  3. Gift annuities may be funded with cash or appreciated securities. UAF will not accept real estate to fund a gift annuity.
  4. For new contracts, UAF will be guided by the suggested rates recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities.  Visit
  5. Agreements are limited to two lives, and the minimum age for the annuitants is 60 for immediate annuities and 40, with the initial payment at 60 or older, for deferred annuities.
  6. The gift annuity program will be managed by UAF, and UAF may employ agents and advisors to assist with the administration and investment of gift annuity assets.

Please click on the link in the forms box above to obtain a complete copy of these Charitable Gift Annuities Gift Guidelines & Process.