University at Albany

Program Funds:

School of Business

For information regarding these funds, please contact the School of Business.

Accenture Accounting Fund
This fund is utilized to support a broad range of programs/projects/initiatives within the University at Albany’s Accounting Department, as determined annually by the Dean of the School of Business.

Borys Family Career Services Endowment
The Borys Family Career Services Endowment, generously established by Michael ‘78 Borys and Barbara Bakal Borys ’78, provides critical support for the School of Business’ Career Services programs, in particular Career Counseling Services and Career Service Technology Resources and including unrestricted/general support for Career Services.

Center for Institutional Investment Management Endowment

This endowment was established to provide for the initiatives and programs within the Center for Institutional Investment Management (CIIM).

Dean's Advisory Board Fund for Faculty Advancement
This fund was established by the School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board to recognize School of Business faculty who excel in teaching, service or other achievements as well as to facilitate research and faculty development within UAlbany’s School of Business.

Deloitte Foundation Accounting Chair Opportunity Fund
This fund will provide $5,000 annually for five years enabling the Accounting Department Chair to support faculty research, student participation in symposia and competitions, and other opportunities to enhance their academic experience.

Deloitte Foundation Endowments (2)
The Deloitte Foundation Endowment, generously endowed by the alumni employees of Deloitte LLP, provides support for the operations of the new School of Business building (in order to establish and maintain the state-of-the-art teaching facilities of the two classrooms.) This endowment also supports The Deloitte Foundation Faculty Research Initiative, which supports the research and scholarship efforts of the University’s accounting faculty through the Deloitte Foundation Faculty Research Forum.

Endowment for Excellence for the New School of Business Building
Generously endowed by Patricia and J. Spencer Standish, this Endowment for Excellence provides additional support for enhancements, outfitting and material needs for the enviorons in the new School of Business building. This includes, but is not limited to, providing enhancement to furniture, fixture and equipment needs. This fund will also help allow the New School of Business to continue to provide a modern and up-to-date facility for its students, faculty and staff.

John S. Levato Endowed Teaching Award

Established by Stacy Bash-Polley ’89, the Levato Award provides awards to School of Business faculty members to recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching and service.

Massry Family Endowments
In December 2014, the Massry Family generously contributed $5.25 million to the School of Business. The University will use this transformative gift to ensure that its School of Business building, named the Massry Center for Business in September 2015, remains a state-of-the-art resource for teaching, learning and research. The Massry gift will also fund speakers, conferences, and visiting faculty to enrich the academic experience for School of Business students. And, the Massry Community Fellows Program will provide support for students from across the University to pursue internships with local non-profits, where funding for student internships is not normally available. The program’s goal is to strengthen community service, a hallmark of the Massry family, and public engagement, a core priority of the University.

Milton C. Olson Endowment Fund
Established by Dr. Milton C. Olson, former professor, director, chair and dean of the School of Business, the purpose of this fund is to educate students on ethical standards and behavior in business and industry. The income from this fund may be used for honoraria and other expenses related to the program.

Joan D. Rosenthal ’76 and Frederick S. Schiff Undergraduate Teaching Prize (The Rosenthal Schiff Prize)
Established by Joan D. Rosenthal ’76 and Frederick S. Schiff, this fund provides awards to School of Business faculty members to recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching and service. It is the intent of the donors to provide significant faculty incentive(s), facilitating direct and close connection between undergraduates and faculty, to improve the learning experience of undergraduate students.

Standish Professorship in Entrepreneurship
The Standish Professorship in Entrepreneurship provides support of the teaching, research and other responsibilities and activities of the Standish Professor in Entrepreneurship. The Standish Professorship will have broad impact, fostering entrepreneurship in the School of Business, across the University, and the Capital Region.

Towers Perrin Research & Development Fund
This fund was established by Towers Perrin to provide annual awards to faculty and students in support of their research in the areas of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Human Resource Management (HRM). This fund will also support the Towers Perrin Student Award. This annual award will be given to an outstanding School of Business HRIS student.