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Program Funds:

College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Physics

For information regarding these funds, please contact the Department of Physics.

Dr. Clinton Ray Carpenter Physics Lecture Endowment
Established through the generosity of Dr. Clinton Ray Carpenter ’57, ’58, Ph.D. ’73, this fund provides support for the Physics Department to sponsor lectures on research in the field of Physics and on the teaching of Physics. The program should be designed to promote the intellectual exchange of ideas and advances in the field of Physics.

James W. Corbett Physics Department Memorial Fund

Established by Professors James Corbett (Physics) and M.E. Grenander (English), this memorial fund supports the programs and activities of the Physics Department.

The William A. Lanford Department of Physics Fund 
Established by Professor William Lanford, this fund provides support to the Department of Physics, namely to assist junior faculty members in the Department who are working on establishing their research credentials for tenure and promotion