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Program Funds:

Art Museum

For information regarding these funds, please contact the Art Museum.

The "Jack" W. and Gertrude Horan Memorial Art Museum Endowment
The Horan Endowment was established by Michael A. Boots, in honor of his friend Jack Horan. Jack inspired Michael to be involved in community service as Jack himself was for many years. Jack was an artist and writer and inspired young people, including his 11 grandchildren to explore their artistic side. The Horan Endowment provides support for the University Art Museum’s Student Advisory Committee’s activities, initiatives and events. The purpose of the committee is to encourage undergraduate student involvement and awareness in the University’s Art Museum, a fitting way to honor Jack’s memory and help students learn about and appreciate art and the University at Albany’s Art Museum.

Robin Kanson Lewis '70 Exhibition Endowment Fund

The Robin Lewis ’70 Exhibition Endowment Fund will provide financial support for the exhibition program at the University at Albany’s Art Museum. UAlbany’s exhibition program is at the heart of the museum’s mission to bring the best of contemporary visual culture to UAlbany and the surrounding community. This fund will help provide stable and flexible support so that the Art Museum can continue to focus on attracting both national and international artists to UAlbany’s campus.

The Ann C. Mataraso Endowment Fund

Established through the generosity of Ann C. Mataraso, The Ann C. Mataraso Endowment Fund was created to provide annual financial support to cover the costs associated with, and pertaining to, the installation of the MFA show for the University at Albany Art Museum (which supports the work of Fine Art students each year).

University Art Museum Director’s Fund
Established through the generosity of the donors and supporters of the University Art Museum, The Director’s Fund was established to enrich programming, to increase outreach, and to expand the museum’s role in the regional arts community and beyond.